What do you know about the titanium threaded insert?

       The titanium threaded insert is a new type of internal thread fastener, which is refined from high-strength, high-precision corrosion-resistant and diamond-shaped titanium alloy.


   1. Increase of the connection strength: The titanium threaded insert is shaped like a spring, installed in a specific threaded hole of the substrate, and its inner surface forms a standard thread. When it is matched with a screw (bolt), it can significantly improve the connection strength and wear resistance, especially in Aluminum, Magnesium, Cast iron, Plastic and other low-strength materials.

    2. Increase of the stress surface: the titanium threaded insert improves the stress of the thread, it forms an elastic connection and eliminates the error of the pitch and tooth half-angle between the internal and external threads, it makes the load on the thread evenly distributed, and protects the basic thread from being damaged and extends the service life.

   3. Improvement of the connection conditions: it can be used for the connection and fastening of hard, brittle and fragile materials such as ceramics, bakelite or glass, effectively preventing fragmentation.

   4. Wear resistance: Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance of titanium material, titanium threaded insert can ensure its applicability in various environments, and can be used for frequently disassembled and installed parts and frequently rotated screw holes inside, prolonging its service life.

   5. Anti-rust junction: It can be used in chemical industry, ship, vehicle, mine, mine or field equipment, etc. It is suitable for use in harsh environments such as humidity and corrosion, and is convenient for disassembly, installation and maintenance.

    6. Anti-loosening: It can be used in aviation, aerospace, military equipment and other occasions that require a high insurance factor.

    7. Anti-vibration: It can be used in instruments and meters, precision and precious power equipment.

    8. The titanium threaded insert can also be used as a repair method, it can restore the internal thread to its original state quickly and effectively when the internal thread is tripped or the teeth are disordered, and its performance is better than that of the thread formed by tapping. For example, the diesel engine body, textile special parts, various aluminum parts, lathe tool table, etc. will be scrapped due to the damagement of one screw  As long as it is re-tapped, the threaded insert is installed, and the waste part can be brought back to life.

Industries applied:

     At present, titanium threaded insert is widely used in various instruments and meters such as aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, weapon industry, optical instruments, and radio. At the same time, it’s widely used in the large-scale locomotives, units, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, chemical fiber, and chemical industries.

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