Production process characteristics of pure titanium screws and titanium alloy screws

        Because of the different metal elements and characteristics of the pure titanium screws and the titanium alloy screws, the production equipments of the two types of screws are also different.

         We can use the cold heading equipment to produce the pure titanium screws, but the titanium alloy screws need to be produced by the turning processing, which is mainly due to the different characteristics between the pure titanium and the titanium alloys.

         The titanium alloy is based on titanium metal with other elements added, and the hardness grade exceeds the strength of many alloy structural steels, so it cannot be formed on the cold heading machine. Generally the titanium alloy screws are produced by the turning processing. Although the pure titanium has great strength and less density, compared with the titanium alloys, the pure titanium screws can still be produced and molded using the cold heading machinery and equipment, and the product finished has a natural and beautiful appearance. 

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