Introduction and Application of titanium eye bolt


The titanium eye bolt is a kind of elastic bolt material, it can withstand large tensile force without loosening during use, and can be disassembled and installed many times. It is often used to connect components or equipment that require frequent disassembly.

         The key features of the eye bolt:

  • Good elasticity: The eye bolt has good elasticity, which can play an elastic buffer role when subjected to tensile force, thereby ensuring the tightness of the connection.
  • The spherical surface is smooth and the thread precision is high. It can be used in conjunction with other shafts to play a role in rotation.
  • Multiple disassembly and installation: The eye bolt can be disassembled and installed many times, which is convenient and quick to install, convenient to use and maintain.
  • Good corrosion resistance: The surface of the eye boltis usually treated with anti-corrosion coating or plating, which can effectively prevent corrosion.
  • Compact structure: The structure of the eye boltis compact, and the connection can be completed in a limited space.

Due to the characteristics of titanium such as high strength, light weight, and good corrosion resistance, the titanium eye bolt has become a high-performance bolt material and is widely used in various high-demand fields.

        The key features of the titanium eye bolt:

  • High strength: It’s stronger than ordinary steel and can withstand greater force.
  • Lightweight: The density is lighter than that of ordinary steel, which can reduce the weight of the structure.
  • Good corrosion resistance: The surface has an oxide film, which can effectively prevent corrosion.
  • Good high temperature resistance: It can work for a long time in high temperature environment without deformation.

          The application range of the titanium eye bolt:

  • Machinery manufacturing field: Such as machine tools, heavy equipment, high-pressure valves, pressure pipes, fluid engineering, fried dough stick equipment, safety instruments, gas monitoring instruments and textile machines, etc..
  • Automobile manufacturing field: Such as engines, car bodies, etc..
  • Racing cars and motorcycles: Due to their light weight and high strength, it is also used in racing cars and motorcycles, which can reduce the weight of vehicles and improve speed and handling performance.
  • Shipbuilding field: It can be used in the connecting hulls and steering gear, etc.
  • Construction engineering field: Such as connecting steel structures, bridges, etc.
  • Aerospace field: It is widely used in aircraft, missiles, satellites and other fields, because of the features of the titanium eye bolt, it can meet the strict requirements of materials in these fields.
  • Medical device field: Such as bone plates and screws in orthopedic surgery, because it has the characteristics of good biocompatibility, high strength, and light weight.
  • Petrochemical field: Such as offshore drilling platforms, oil drilling equipment, submarine oil and gas pipelines, etc..

In short, as a bolt material with elasticity and multiple disassembly and installation functions, the eye bolt has a wide range of application fields and important functions.

The specific dimensions of the titanium eye bolt of Shanghai Fuente Industry Co.,Ltd are as follows, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!


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