About our company

        Shanghai Fuente lndustry Co.Ltd is a leading manufacturer engaged in titanium fasteners for more than 10 years.

         Our main products are titanium bolt, titanium screws, titanium set screws, titanium thread insert, titanium washer, titanium nut, titanium rivet, titanium non-standard customized screw and other titanium products. We provide the National standard(GB), British standard(BS), German standard(DIN), American standard (ANSI), Japanese standard(JIS), International standard(ISO) and other standard of fasteners.

       Regarding the specification and surface treatment of titanium fasteners, we can customize them according to your requirements, such as surface coloring, polishing and so on.

     Besides titanium, we also can provide the stainless steel fasteners.

        Due to the excellent and reliable production equipments, we provide the goods and stable service for more than 15 countries and areas like USA, UK, Euro, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, lndia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and win a good reputation in the international market. 

      We sincerely look forward to your inquiries and more in-depth communication.

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      Commitment is more important than Mount Tai and reputation is higher than life.


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