Brief Introduction About Us

         Shanghai Fuente lndustry Co.Ltd is a leading manufacturer engaged in titanium fasteners. We provide the National standard(GB), British standard(BS), German standard(DIN), American standard (ANSI), Japanese standard(JIS), International standard(ISO) and other standard of fasteners, we also can provide the products according to the requirements of customers. 

Why do we choose Titanium?

       Titanium is a metallic element, its chemical symbol is Ti, the atomic number is 22, it belongs to the IVB group metal elements in the PERIODIC TABLE. Titanium’s melting point is 1660°C, boiling point is 3287°C, and the density is 4.54g/cm³. Because of the following features, titanium is known as “Space metal” and “Ocean metal”.

  • Non-magnetic, non-toxic

  • Small density, high specific strength

  • Bacteriostatic function

  • Light weight
  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Good heat resistance

  • Resistant to low temperature

  • Good heat transferability

Our Products

Titanium Bolt
Titanium Screw
Titanium Self-tapping Screw
Titanium Set Screw
Titanium Threaded Insert
Titanium Washer
Titanium Nut
Titanium Rivet
Titanium Non-standard Customized Screw
Other Titanium Products


        Our products are widely used in aerospace, military industry, automotive industry, power engineering, electrical and electronics, bicycle, petrochemical industry, medical service, chemical industry, construction industry, sporting goods industry and daily necessities etc.

Aerospace industry
Automotive industry
Petrochemical industry
Sporting goods industry
Construccion industry
Medical service industry


1. The most widely used titanium alloy: Ti-6Al-4V

2023.03.01, by Manuela Zheng

Ti-6Al-4V is the nominal chemical composition representation method of titanium alloy grade TC4 (also sometimes called Ti64 or ASTM Grade 5). The main components are Al(5.5%-6.75%), V(3.5%-4.5%), and the rest chemical composition is Titanium.

2. What do you know about the titanium threaded insert?

2023.02.16, by Shanghai Fuente

The titanium threaded insert is a new type of internal thread fastener, which is refined from high-strength, high-precision corrosion-resistant and diamond-shaped titanium alloy.

3. Are titanium bolts stronger than steel bolts?

2022.12.09, by Manuela Zheng

The titanium bolts are the same as ordinary stainless steel bolts and steel bolts, but the raw materials used are different. The titanium bolts use titanium materials, and the general titanium materials are pure titanium Gr2 and titanium alloy Gr5. The raw materials of titanium bolts are relatively expensive, and the bolts made are also very beautiful, like handicrafts.




Our Values

 “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”